Here are the different types of cookies that are used on our site. You will have the option to choose which ones to keep or to only use those that are strictly necessary for the site to work.


Cookies can be controlled by the user and they can be deleted and blocked. Users should note that deleted or blocking the Diamond Fortune cookies will cause some of the features and services we offer to stop working properly. Before deleting or blocking any cookies it is recommended that users read up on how to manage and control their cookie settings. Information on this can be found in your web browser and most will detail the information being gathered by the Cookies stored on your device. You will also receive information on how to block or delete them should you deem it necessary. Cookies can be deleted or blocked without affecting certain features and it is also possible to switch off third party cookies individually.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser to track information. They are classified as tracking technologies and they allow Diamond Fortunes to collect data on our online behavior. When activated, they make our services more user-friendly. When you visit a website, cookies are used to track the searches you make and they then remember your browsing preferences. Preferences include language and settings. Cookies can also be used to track your computer or mobile device for enhanced navigation whilst allowing online companies to improve the services they offer you at the same time. This is done through the customization of your personal experience. Cookies are used globally and they help the website to function more effectively. Cookies can also collect statistics and perform analytics. This is important for online advertisements and the use of cookies helps to ensure that ads are relevant to you. Cookies track your interests and this allows companies to deliver tailor-made content to users and advertisers. Third parties also use tracking technologies to collect information and if you would like to learn more about cookies and their functionality, visit


Visitors to and those that access our services allow the use of tracking cookies that let us work towards continually improving what we offer. These tracking technologies are called First Party Tracking Technologies. They are used to collect data about how you interact with our website. They also compile reports, allow us to offer personalized content, and help us improve the services so our users benefit.

Tracking cookies are also stored by third parties. For Diamond Fortunes, they include our analytics service providers, business partners, and advertisers. These third parties run what is called Third Party Tracking Technologies on our services. These cookies are used internally and are unlisted. They help to simplify things that users do such as remembering login information and choices users make.

Both of these types of tracking cookies can be stored on our browser for the duration of the time spent on our website and for any repeat visits too.